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Yan Hartono

Office Shop Renovations - Director

Office Shop Renovations has been working in conjunction with Carlos Rodriguez for the past 7 years. During this time, he has been extremely helpful to our company in all aspects from accounting, BAS and business advice. Carlos has advised us on numerous occasions on how to develop, grow, maintenance and create future forecasting methods to improve our building business.

Carlos has always been very motivated and dedicated in his work. This is a great comfort to us when there is always a "spare set of eyes" in the business, especially in today's environment. The outlay for his services is justified by far, compared to the benefit our company has received.

We would highly recommend Carlos to anyone who is seeking a great accountant!.

Mark Pelmore

Owner - Good Concepts Eco Store

I have been running Good Concepts Eco Store for the past 5 years. 3 years ago I started to engage the services of Carlos and the team. This was an extremely good move. Not only have I gained piece of mind with regards to my bookkeeping and accounting needs I have also gained a business mentor.

Helping me make the right decision about what steps to take to ensure my business can adjust and keep up with the continual changes that small business presently face. The development of Apire Now increases the tools in the tool box of business. Having access to Aspire Now allows me to have a full range of services needed to invest, insure, plan and prosper. I have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship Good Concepts and Aspire Now have developed and I am looking forward to an exciting future together.

Dave Mitchell

Executive Officer - Group Training Association Queensland and Northern Territory Inc.

What can I say about Carlos and his team - prompt, courteous, helpful, professional and there when I needed them.

Carlos has assisted this Association for the last 10 years and has been a major factor in the growth of this business from a struggling entity existing from year to year to multi million dollar business with a secure equity base.

Carlos and the team at Aspire Now have been instrumental in the development of strong business management practices and financial control processes that allow this organisation to confidently manage membership services, state and federal government contracts, and day to day business activities.

Aspire Now is valuable part of my team and an important element in our future plans

John Valenzia

I have known Carlos Rodriguez for at least 8 years. In that time he has assisted me and guided me on many occasions. I was a partner in a small business where Carlos provided advice and assistance in the financial management side of things.

I then retired from that business and became involved with another partner in the transport business. Unfortunately plans did not go so well this time. My partner was in charge of the financial side while I took charge of the physical transport operations. Too late I discovered that the business had to fold due to bad management and bookkeeping/accounting practices.

I was left with an extremely huge tax debt. The current accountants at that time could not advise me or offer a solution for my dire situation. I was 66 years of age and was finding it all very stressful and distressing.

I then decided to contact Carlos. After meeting with him and explaining my situation, he felt confident that a solution could be found. He began discussions with the Tax department, organized paperwork, put together and detailed my case ad presented all of this to the department. Last week he advised me that my case was successful.

Thanks to Carlos he has saved me a lot of hardship and stress. I have found him to be the most honest and trustworthy person I have met in my 66 years. I found him to be very approachable and relaxed - a man who will give you the time of day and listen to your problems. I cannot praise him highly enough. I haven't got a business at the moment, but he gave me the incentive to achieve what I am achieving in my late years of life.

I trust this man with my life!

Miguel Rodriguez Dip Fin Serv (Brok) QPIB

Director - Migstar Pty Ltd

I have been a client of Aspire Now for over 6 years, I can honestly say, they are more than just an accounting Business.

THEY HAVE BECOME PART OF MY MANAGEMENT TEAM guiding me to make the right decisions for my business. They get to know you and staff and help put in place business principals that will make my business grow.


Michael and Sue Inman

We wish to thank Carlos Rodriguez and his team for the commitment and professionalism that we have experienced over the last ten years. Although MicSu Enterprises Pty Ltd is a small consultancy business with just a husband and wife team, Carlos has always made us feel as though we were part of the bigger picture. His guidance, both professionally, and of late personally, has shown his total commitment to help and guide us through the good times and the bad. Carlos has become a friend - not just an accountant - a quality rarely found in business these days.

He works tirelessly to grow his own company and therefore offer to his clients a myriad of businesses not only in accountancy but in every aspect of help for our future growth as well.

Thank you for your service Carlos and we highly recommend Aspire Now to anyone who is looking for not only an accountant, but a motivator and someone that cares.

Peter Jennings

Out there Furniture - Director

I have known Carlos for almost 16 years and have always called on Carlos for advice in business management and financial control. Carlos also has great knowledge in areas such as business restructuring and business growth.

Carlos is very professional and a great guy to deal with.

I would strongly recommend the services of Carlos and his company Aspire Now.

Bill Rowlinson

Asprie Now has been a great advantage to our business with sound financial business advice and excellent accounting servies.

We have been guided through some tough financial times over the last couple of years by the Aspire Now team and are now restructured and moving ahead with a bright & positive future. The biggest advantage though, with Carlos and his team who provide ongoing Sales and Marketing strategies and support.

Paul Chapman

Catmax International

Aspire Now have been doing our accounting for some 15 years, but more broadly offering advice on asset management and financials control.

I have found Carlos very knowledgeable, and he has helped up present the business many times to the bank with great success.

We wish Carlos and his team all the best in their future endeavours.

John and Kerry Schuh - Owner Operator

Schuhfit Health and lifestyle Solutions

Carlos Rodriguez and his talented team at Aspire Now have given us unconditional support and taught us the skills to not only manage our business but to grow our business, increase cash flow and to find a point of difference to make us stand out from all our competitors.

Business management was thorny area for us as we had minimal management experience and neither of us were familliar with mangement basics. Carlos has remained committed to our cause and over the past four ears he has shown us how to manage particular areas of our small business that are critical to its continuing success and growth. After helping us to create a business plan and vision for our company, Carlos then, through many meetings, taught us how to understad cash flow management and financing which has saved us from becoming yet another unsuccessful small business statistic.

His coaching and goal setting skills are unique and motivational, and has helped us grow and develop on both a professional personal level.

Without Carlos and the team at Aspire Now we wouldn't be where we are today or more importantly our business wouldn't be going in the direction it is right now - Forward and Up

Tony King

Director of Buildmaster P/L

Carlos Rodriguez now known as Aspire Now has been a great assistance to my building construction business over the last 12 years assisting through the beginning of GST and driving through the Global Financial Crisis with good accounting and management skills combined with coaching and marketing tip.

I am now a much more competent businessman because of Carlos's involvement.

Damian Rowe

Engineer & Principal - ABLE Service - Advanced Biomedical & Lab Equipment

ABLE Service is a small Brisbane based company specializing in service of biomedical equipment. Our intital contact with Carlos Rodriguez (then of Computer Accounting Doctors) was prompted by finding ourselves with books in a mess, having been rather badly let down by our previous accountants.

At this time, we were stressed, worried and unsure how to go about sorting out both some tax & PC accounting software issues. Carlos came to assess our situation and was able, in a short visist to convince us that ours was really "no problem" True to his word, we shortly found ourselves with files and errors sorted, returns done and some plans for getting things 'back on track'.

Expansion for us had always been a very slow process, as we were averse to risk. It took quite some patience on Carlos part to show us that some of the things needed to grow our business, and improve profitability were not only 'doable' but downright essential.

The following years were good for us, due in no small parts to the assistance with both the day-to-day and future directions provided by Carlos. More than just our 'accountant' Carlos became a welcome sight to us, as it meant that things were being kept 'on-track'.

When tragedy struck, with the passing of my partner, who handled most of our admin, Carlos was there to help. At the drop of a hat, he made sure that he was there, sorted things out with the staff and myself to ensure that suppliers and staff were paid, and the essentials would be taken care of until i returned. When bookwork needed doing that I simply didn't have time to focus on, a quick bit of advice from Carlos and problem solved. - A part time bookkeeper to assist with the tasks that the other office staff just don't have the skills for and I don't have time or inclination for.

I have had a steep learning curve returning to the administration of the company, and I can fairly say that this was made not just possible, but actually enjoyable, with the assistance of the Aspire Now team. As I know I have said, they (and in particular Carlos) are much more than our accountants. Super fund, property investment, new company structure, personal finances. All these and more have benefited from the guiding hand of Carlos.

In business, it is more common to receive brickbats than bouquets'....

We all tend to keep those few nice letters of thanks we get from clients and I hope that the team at Aspire now can proudly add this to their collection.

Words just don't say it well enough, but to keep it brief; To all at Aspire, I owe you a debt of thanks.


Treasurer Creative Glass Guild

Carlos, thank you so much for all your help over the last few years. I really appreciated that you have gone above and beyond the call for us! If I can ever refer clients your way, I certainly will do so. I almost feel guilty that we have had an offer of help that we cannot afford to pass up.

Thanks again and no doubt I'll see you again at some stage.

Paul Barker

Barker Lifestyle Creations

Carlos Rodriguez of Aspire Now has been my business advisor and acocuntant for the past 12 years. He assisted me in the set up and running of my business The Coorparoo Conference Centre and over the last six years in my network marketing enterprise. Carlos is an inspiring man - not your typical accountant. He has a wealth of knowledge and ideas on how to improve business and management. He has been a valuable part of my business life. Sometimes I have not taken Carlos' advice to the detriment of my business and I have learnt through these experiences that he has an uncanny knock of always being right in his advice.

I would recommend Carlos and his people to any of my friends and assoicates, being absolutely certain that they will receive excellence in services and advice from him and his team. I would be more than happy for any prospective client of Aspire Now to call me or mail me a personal reference.

Peter & Jill Cruse

Graphic Litho Pty Ltd

Graphic Litho has been a client of Aspire Now (formally CAD Partners) since 2005. During this time Carlos and his team has proven to be thorough professionals and very knowledgeable in all areas of accounting.

Over the years Carlos has been able to provide us with all the necessary advice and guidance that has been needed to ensure the continued success of our business. Asprie Now has always strived to understand our changing circumstances to ensure our business is structured to maximise the tax benefits whilst remaining fully compliant with tax department requirements.

We highly recommend Aspire Now to any business who are looking for an Accounting firm who are efficient, diligent, reliable, price conscious and quick to respond to any questions no matter how big or small and in particular an Accountant who is a forward thinker and very current in all avenues of Accounting.

Siva Sivakumar

Managing Director

Carlos Rodriguez is not only an Accountant for our company as well as for our family, he is also a mentor to our business. He has the perfect blend of accounting and business acumen that is hard to find in today's business environment, especially for small and medium enterprise business.

I have known Carlos since 2005 when I first met him and since then we have been working closely together in the areas of MYOB consultancy and associated software solutions. Since his engagement with our company as a mentor and company Accountant, we have seen direct positive impact in terms of revenue growth of 19% within the first year with just few small adjustments. His ability to motivate at difficult times helped us to get our focus back on the business and come out of difficult circumstances.

The way Carlos connects with businesses via social media and other communication methods is an inspiration to SME business in the community. We have no hesitation in recommending Carlos to any business. He has the ability to make significant improvements in a short span of time and keeping people motivated.


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